Should we do a First Look?


The First Look is a trend of the last 8 or 9 years that has really taken off. It was developed by one of the world’s leading wedding photographers as a way to, essentially, get more hours in a day. By seeing each other two hours before your ceremony, it allows me more time to make amazing portraits of the two of you, without the constraints of time or family onlookers, the Uncle Bobs with their cameras, and the rush to make it to cocktail hour. With that said, this is a choice that is totally up to you and I am thrilled to be a part of your day whatever you decide. So, to help you, here are some pros and cons of doing a First Look and a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.


  1. When you see each other for the first time, alone, you get to touch and kiss and cry and share a moment that can’t happen at the altar. No Groom has ever said it wasn’t as special seeing her come down the aisle after doing a first look. You don’t have to worry about your reaction because the moment belongs only to the two of you and is not on display for all your friends and loved ones.
  2. The First Look will be some of the only time you get to spend alone together that whole day. Taking some time to enjoy each other, alone, can be so beautiful and intimate. Some of those wedding day jitters melt away once you have a chance to see one another. 
  3. We will have a good, solid hour to walk around and take a variety of Bride and Groom images without needing to worry about rushing you back to your reception. This time that we spend together allows us to be able to see more of you two together, and more of the area where you have chosen to get married. It also helps you relax in front of the camera and in front of each other. You can laugh together and start enjoying this amazing day.
  4. The next 30-45 minutes is spent taking the Family Formals. If you have a large family, this can be very beneficial. Imagine trying to take 45 minutes of family pictures after the ceremony and then only having 5-10 minutes for your bride and groom portraits. That doesn’t seem fair! The first look allows you that much more time to enjoy your time together.
  5. You get to enjoy your Cocktail Hour. You can visit with all your guests, which saves you from doing table visits during three reception, freeing you to enjoy even more of your party.

Now for the Cons:

  1. You should start getting ready two hours earlier. Which means hair and makeup must be there earlier. I usually recommend that the Bride goes in the middle. That way, while we are out doing portraits, the rest of your Bridesmaids can be in Hair and Makeup. 
  2. Your family should arrive to the ceremony location an hour early. If that’s not possible, we can still take family formals after the ceremony, but you would still miss cocktail hour. That would put the First Look only an hour and a half before the ceremony, giving you both a half hour to relax and refresh before it’s go time.
  3. There really is no number three. I can’t think of any other cons to doing a first look.

Again, this is totally your decision. It doesn’t matter to me if you choose to do it or not and I will work with you to build a timeline based on your needs. This should be solely your decision based on what you both feel is right for you. We can make anything work. Feel free to contact us to learn more!