Spring Wedding at Red Maple Vineyard | Allie + Harris

We started the morning in the rain with slug bellied clouds and low hanging mist. There was hope in the air and the sweet smell of Spring. The staff at the Hasbrouck House busied themselves with keeping things dry and tidy while the Bridesmaids keep a keen eye out the window. Allie never seemed too worried or bothered and so the morning just keep moving along at its own pace, slow and steady, in breath and out breath.

When she finally put her gorgeous wedding dress on, the rain had made up its mind and hitch-hiked south for the weekend just in time to have her First Look with Harris. She mentioned the little smoke house out back with the ivy climbing it’s stone walls and I couldn’t blame her, it called to me too. When he turned around and saw her, his face lit up with love and emotion. It was a perfect mix of swoony and sentimental and I may have been the one tearing up after all.

When we arrived at Red Maple Vineyard for the Ketubah signing, all signs of Spring had arrived. The trees were lush and green, the flowers were showing off their new skirts, dancing just for us. It was if they were all courting each other, ready to be next in line.

We headed to the top of the hill for the ceremony overlooking the Hudson Valley with the river in view down below. I’ve never seen a happier Bride come down the aisle. Allie’s smile takes full command of the room and rightfully so. No one could take their eyes off her.

The Groove Shop is my new favorite wedding band. And Faye and Rene absolutely blew me away with their floral design. They made a gorgeous flower and leaf backdrop for behind the sweetheart table that was straight out of a fantasy story book. I was floored. Let’s just go take a look, yes?

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