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West Point Wedding at The Officer's Club

I loved this Wedding at West Point at The Officer's Club because Kara and Dan are two of the nicest, kindest, most sincere people. Their love for each other is goofy and serious all at the same time. I knew Kara's cousin. She was a dear friend of mine. When she unexpectedly passed away we were all devastated. So when Kara reached out to me to document her wedding, I knew that would be a special day. Her cousin Deb's spirit was everywhere. She was in the room when took a few quiet moments to make this picture. We both felt her and smiled at the same time. There are always times during a wedding day when I make space for the quiet to come in. In a day filled with chaos and tight schedules, it's always important to make space for the quiet.

They held their early Autumn New York Wedding at the Officer's Club which is just down the road from the popular Thayer Hotel. They were married in a church nearby and set aside a good amount of time for portraits before their party started. Being a West Point wedding photographer has many perks like the views of the Hudson River from Lookout Point, the reflections on the reservoir and the big stone bridge. When my couples make plenty of time for portraits I love to take a balanced approach of candid pictures and guided portraits. They are romantic, emotional and natural. They are beautiful because they are real.