September Red Maple Vineyard Wedding

redheads. rainbows. 

Red Maple Vineyards New York

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There is nothing I don't love about documenting weddings at Red Maple Vineyard. everywhere you turn is beautiful. And the couples that choose this venue are the most down to earth, amazing people. I love shooting weddings here! One of the best things about documenting weddings at Red Maple Vineyard, is the way they throw a party. I wish all Hudson Valley Wedding Venues could throw a wedding reception like Red Maple Vineyard does. Their timing is amazing and their party is flawless. 

The upstairs room in the main building has this gorgeous back wall of stained glass windows. It makes the perfect backdrop for any picture and I love the way the light is softly diffused on the Bride's wedding dress. This September wedding at Red Maple was dappled with rain but every time we wanted to head outside for pictures, the rain magically stopped. I'm not sure what it is about this wedding venue nestled in the hills of the Hudson Valley, but any time it rains, there is always a rainbow. This particular wedding day had two rainbows. We quickly headed into the big overgrown field adjacent to the wedding venue so that we would have the best view of the first rainbow. The Bride and Groom laughed and danced under the big oak tree while the rainbow lit up the blue sky behind them. Then we pushed our luck by heading into the vineyards for some photos at the secret garden hidden among the rows of grapes. We made it about ten minutes before the rain started falling again and one of my favorite pictures is of the Bride and Groom spontaneously running through the rows of grapes in the Vineyard to get out of the rain. They look so happy and fun and it's couples with good attitudes like that, that make Red Maple Vineyard such a special place to document a wedding.

Red Maple Vineyard Wedding photos
Red Maple Vineyard Wedding photography
Red Maple Vineyard Wedding photos
Red Maple Vineyard Wedding