- Couples Sessions -

for anyone in love.

Oh what we see when we finally stop looking.
— Tyler Knott Gregson

I am not your typical photographer.
I'm not into heavy posing.
I'm not into doing what everyone else does.
What I am into is connection... Human Connection.
That's what we're really all here for isn't it?


I call my couples shoots, Connection Sessions, because they are about just that. Your connection.
Whether you are newly engaged or married for years, I would love to make a killer Collection for you.  

My sessions are fun, laid back and never cheesy. 
Love is beautiful all on it's own and I want to capture yours.
The emotions you see here are real- real people, real love and real places.
I just create little pockets of space for you to hang out in and be in love because I believe that love is beautiful all on it's own but
if it needs a little gentle guidance- I got that too!  

Let me take you on a journey...

 Hudson Valley, NY Wedding Photographer www.ariusphoto.com Copyright 2016


Connection Sessions usually last 1.5 hours, are held Monday - Thursdays, and ideally in the evening.
The best time of day is the 2 hours before sunset right on through to the actual sunset.

I schedule my Connection Sessions at various locations within 30 minutes of New Paltz, NY.
I am always down to travel to a farther location that means something to you and would be happy to email you an estimated price for travel beyond 30 miles.
On the other end, I have countless rad locations near by, some of which I have never taken anyone to shoot!

After our Session is my favorite part!
4-5 weeks later, you will come to my Studio for your Premier.
This is where you will see your Collection for the first time.
We will have some drinks, some music and enjoy the body of work I have made for you, together.
Then I will guide you through selecting art work for your walls, or perhaps a Book for your library.

I am here for you every step of the way- I won't leave you with a huge gallery of images and no idea what to do with them!


Your Connection Session with me is $350
which includes a Pre-Consultation to gather amazing ideas, time and talent on the day of, and some amazing goodies to eat and drink during your Premier.

Even though your Premier will be your main ordering session, there is no minimum purchase. You only choose what you absolutely LOVE and there is no obligation.
You will have an A La Carte option to choose from at any time, however, on the night of your Premier, I will customize 3 Collections for you based on what I think would work best for YOUR needs.
These will be discounted and only available on the night of your Premier.

This Full Service approach is the heart of what I do.
I want to fill your home with doorways to memories of this amazing time in your lives.
Moments that can turn your day around with just one glance.

Let's go on an adventure!