Your gorgeous, heirloom, hardcover book is just a few decisions away! 
These pages will explain your choices. Then use the ordering link below to send me your selections.


Linen is a light, textured, animal-friendly option for covering your album that highlights the true handmade, artisan nature of our books.
The layered weaves are a delight to the fingers, while the colors are a feast for the eyes.





Choose your font from the options below. You may use 1 or 2 lines.


Our Hardcover Books are printed on the finest archival press papers and hand bound
into a hardcover book with your choice of pure, natural or luxe linen. 

Choose from fine eggshell paper or smooth matte for a feel that's just right.

All Books come standard with 30 spreads/60 pages
I design these books with one horizontal image per page or 2 vertical images per page

10 x 10  book  .....  $300
12 x 12  book.....  $400
9 X 12 (V) book .....  $400
11 x 14 (V) book  .....  $465

Purchase additional spreads for $10 each
(one spread is both the left and right pages when the book is open)

** maximum of 100 spreads/200 pages


Log into your Online Gallery.
Make a Favorites List called "Hard Cover Book" + choose your favorite images. 
Use the form below to place your order.

I like to keep the designs simple and clean using one to two images per page.

So for a 20 spread book I recommend choosing 40 images and no more than 50 if including verticals.
As a general rule of thumb, double the spread number to estimate the amount of images:
25 Spreads would be 50 images
30 Spreads would be 60 images, etc.

2 Verticals count as one images.


Once we receive your order, we will send you an invoice and then a design for your approval.
Nothing goes to print until you love it!

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Luxe Linen may be debossed.
Pure, Natural and silk linens don't deboss as well as Luxe Linen.
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All books come standard with 20 spreads (40 pages)
Choose eggshell for a true matte finish with slight texture that is soft to the touch, or smooth matte for a clean matte finish without texture.
If you leave this blank, I will design your book with the images chosen and we can decide on spreads together.
If we are sending it to someone else, please specify if you would like a card included and what it should say.