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Minsoo and Chris were married on October 22, 2016 with their ceremony at St. Peter’s Church in New York City followed by their wedding reception at The Musket Room. When Chris reached out to me, I checked out his Instagram account. He has a really great eye for light and shadow, and I was really impressed.  They were originally going to get married at Blooming Hill Farm, but then, plans changed and they booked The Musket Room in the LES (Lower East Side)! So we went from shooting an outdoor country wedding in a field with flowers to this posh, high-end, sit-down dinner wedding. While it was a totally different feel, it was a wonderful day and Minsoo, Chris, and their families looked so happy.

I met Minsoo and Chris at St. Peter’s Church which is this funky yet modern space with amazing different textures and sculptures, lines and modern edges. It was not a traditional looking church and the architecture made for such an interesting backdrop to their pictures. I really loved that her mom wore a traditional Korean dress. After the ceremony, we all headed down to this fantastic restaurant, The Musket Room.

The Musket Room is a cool spot that manages to be both romantic and contemporary at the same time. There’s this striking walnut bar that stretches all the way back and the exposed brick walls mixed with these mid-century modern brass chandeliers - so much character to this space.

Right away I spied a little back patio area where the Musket Room grew some of their herbs and vegetables. I immediately asked for permission to sneak out into this gorgeous backyard garden space. Thank goodness they said yes- this overgrown backyard, herb garden, Bistro-lit space was just magical. It’s what you hope to find tucked away in these spots in the city and was such an unexpected surprise. The pictures of Chris and Minsoo together in the garden are easily some of my favorites.

They had a little gypsy folk band that was fantastic. Minsoo and Chris opted out of the traditional first dances and parent dances so the actual moments where it happened organically were just so fun and wonderful. The food was just absolutely amazeballs. It turns out that a lot of the ingredients are locally sourced- some even from that back garden! It was a great meal and the venue looked and felt fantastic.

Even though we ended up 90 miles away from the original wedding you had envisioned, I couldn't imagine your wedding being any other way. Minsoo and Chris, you two are so special and sweet and we loved meeting your friends and families. They were so fun and welcoming and everything was beautiful. I wish you two the best in your lives together. And Chris-- keep taking those IG pictures man… you've got a great eye.