Cold Spring Engagement Session | Hudson Valley NY Photographer

l love black and white images. A lot. I wanted to see what this session would look like if I only pulled out the black and white pictures. And I'm smitten. I've though about delivering nothing but black and white images of a wedding but that probably wouldn't go over too well....

The first time Emily and I talked I made her cry. It was  good cry though... I think. Ha. So I took them to a place that really means a lot to me, a place I have an emotional connection with. We made some beautiful images and a new friendship.  Cold Spring has always been an off the beaten path location to me even though it's buzzing with people. So we met close to the edge of the Hudson River and hiked our way in and out of the trails that led us down to the water.

My Connection Sessions are so important to the success of my clients wedding day photography. Not showing up as a stranger really allows me to be a part of intimate moments without killing them by being the stranger in the room. It builds trust. And that's all I need to make my pictures. Trust. Thank you E + A for giving me your trust. I can't wait for your wedding next Fall at the Garrison Golf Club.

Hudson River, Cold Spring, NY. Autumn.