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Glen Falls House Wedding | Catskill Trash The Dress Wedding Portraits

I always work with my couple's on their Wedding-Day-Of-Timeline. Let's face it, they've never done this before and how should they know how much time I need for certain parts of the day, right? I talk with every couple about the Pro's and Con's of doing a First Look but I NEVER push them into it. So Laurena and Mark decided to see each other for the first time as she came down the aisle. And it was beautiful and emotional.

Fast forward to Cocktail Hour where we quickly photographed their large wedding party (like 20 people large!) and then their amazing Family and when all was said and done I had 6 minutes to photograph them as a married couple. And then that 6 minutes turned into 3 minutes when the wedding planner came and grabbed them to line up for Introductions. And my heart was broken. All this time and work for them to have 3 minutes of Bride and Groom Portraits. And the reality of it, is that this is common.

THIS is why the First Look exists. So we can knock out Wedding Party and Family pictures before the ceremony and in return, the Bride and Groom have as much time as they want for portraits.

A couple weeks after the wedding I got an email from Laurena. She said, "Sam, you were right. We had NO time. So what do we do now?"

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Should we do a First Look?

The First Look at your Wedding

The First Look is a trend of the last 8 or 9 years that has really taken off. It was developed by one of the world’s leading wedding photographers as a way to, essentially, get more hours in a day. By seeing each other two hours before your ceremony, it allows photographers more time to make amazing portraits of the two of you. To help you, here are some pros and cons of doing a First Look and a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.

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Kingston NY Wedding - Back Stage Productions and The Mohican

Where do I even start....? Coby and Clinton were married on January 28 with their ceremony at The Mohican and their reception at Back Stage Productions in Kingston, New York. Their wedding was both untraditional and unique- just like they are. When two people are as in love as Coby and Clinton… really, everything else is easy.

Coby is pretty much the mayor of Kingston. She grew up in the area and has worked at many of the dive bars and great restaurants all around town. I met her somewhere close to 2005 when I first moved to the area. She was always welcoming and friendly with a smile on her face and some quick wit banter. 

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Wedding at The Garrison - A+D

Amanda and Dan got married on September 23 at The Garrison in Garrison, NY. They have been together for over ten years, and have built an amazing network of families and friends that we are honored to be a part of. Before the wedding, Amanda found out that she had cancer and Dan called us right away to schedule their connection session. She wanted to have their session immediately because one week later she was having surgery. And so we all went out in the bitter cold of February and took some of my favorite pictures ever. We laughed. We learned about each other. We told stories. We took damn good pictures. They are both such awesome and amazing people.

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Apple Greens Golf Club Wedding - Pine and Jeff

Pine and Jeff were married on May 7, 2016 with their ceremony and reception at Apple Greens Golf Club. Pine and Jeff are serious outdoor people. She works in the Adirondacks, taking care of nature and making sure trails and forests are well maintained. She’s one of those rare people who enjoy camping in the snow. They go heli-skiing. They don’t mind taking chances and just going for it. They’re crazy. 

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Red Maple Vineyard Wedding | converse. horses. lots of laughter.

Ben and Lindsey were married on October 1, 2016 with their ceremony and reception at Red Maple Vineyard. The day dawned cool and rainy. I met the girls at the hotel for hair and makeup before we headed out to the venue to get her dressed. Lindsey and her entire wedding party wore matching Converse Chucks - so cool.

Being a Red Maple Vineyard Wedding Photographer is amazing because there is this room upstairs at the venue that has just the most amazing stained glass windows stretched across the back wall. I had Lindsey get ready in front of those windows so we could capture her beautiful dress up against those stunning colors. Once she was ready, we did a first look with her dad. It was super emotional. They have a really tight bond that's totally visible in the way they look at each other. There is something so special about a father-daughter first look... witnessing that moment when a Father sees his little girl all grown up is so touching. I may have totally cried too.

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