Kingston NY Wedding - Back Stage Productions and The Mohican

Outdoor Winter Wedding in NY

Where do I even start....? Coby and Clinton were married on January 28 with their ceremony at The Mohican and their reception at Back Stage Productions in Kingston, New York. Their wedding was both untraditional and unique- just like they are. When two people are as in love as Coby and Clinton… really, everything else is easy.

Coby is pretty much the mayor of Kingston. She grew up in the area and has worked at many of the dive bars and great restaurants all around town. I met her somewhere close to 2005 when I first moved to the area. She was always welcoming and friendly with a smile on her face and some quick wit banter. 

One of Coby's customers owns one of the most beautiful and mysterious buildings in town, The Mohican. I've walked by it for many years… always wanting to peek in the windows but the sign outside is VERY clear that it is a private residence and to kindly stay away. Besides; there are so many plants in its huge front windows that you probably can't see anything anyway. So when Coby told me that she was not only getting married inside, but getting ready there too, I about keeled over and died. 

It did not disappoint. This historic building has these huge, old windows that the winter light streamed through while Coby was getting ready. There were so many beautiful and unique details throughout the building. Since Coby knew the owner, she had free reign of this amazing historic building. She got ready upstairs and then the ceremony was downstairs.

Let’s take a moment to talk about that dress. Whew! 

During their connection session, Coby showed me pictures of two dresses. The first one was less expensive but not a stunner. The second one, was stunning. Totally her. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to spend that kind of money. I'm pretty sure the look on my face said "shut the front door and buy that fantastic dress. You couldn't possibly wear anything else." She bought the dress. And she is just dazzling.

Clinton got ready at their house with some of his guys and Mr. Tank, Coby’s ferocious Chihuahua. Mr. Tank made sure to tell Clinton exactly who was boss. When they were ready, Clinton drove their van out to the first look.

Coby and Clinton’s first look was out on the historic Four Corners in Kingston. They literally stopped traffic for this moment. I love Clinton's face right before he turned around to see her for the first time. His excitement is perfect, such a joy to see. The way these two connect is so sweet. We walked around Kingston for a bit making portraits, spent some time chillin’ in the van, and then decided to go to an epic spot nearby, this amazing waterfall!!

Coby and Clinton were in flip flops all day anyway, so taking their shoes off to stand in the waterfall in January was totally no big deal. The pictures of them out in the middle of the waterfall are just amazing. The way they embrace each other is so natural. They fit into one another’s arms in such an easy, effortless way. I love the way they love each other. Coby is one of those rare birds where you wonder if she'll ever find someone worthy... and Clinton most certainly is. Seeing them so happy was amazing. 

We made our way back to The Mohican for the ceremony. Five minutes before the ceremony was about to start, we realized that Coby’s bouquet got left behind at the waterfall. So I quickly asked, "What's worse: starting late or no bouquet?” 

She quickly replied with, "I don't care about starting late." So, I turned around and ran to my car. I drove back out to the waterfall, grabbed the bouquet, and was back in 19 minutes flat with no one was the wiser.

The ceremony started as the sun dropped down and Coby's brother officiated. It was grand, it was sweet, it was a little over the top. It was perfect.

They had a little champagne grip and grin following the ceremony and then we all walked around the corner to the infamous BSP- Back Stage Productions, Kingston's premier music venue. There was an open bar, a DJ, friends singing and toasting, a Pickle Back Station... it was a great time. Everything about their party was authentic, just like they are. They later opened up the reception to the public with some slammin' bands to take the night into the wee hours.

I loved the details of the day. The waterfall. The beautiful space. The kindness and calmness of the day. The outpouring of love and support. It was any easy day. Everything about it. I smiled all day long. It's no secret that they got married in the winter so that they can start making babies right away, and I couldn't be happier. Parenthood is the best thing ever- and these two are going to rock it! And even better for me is that I get to take more pictures! Win-win, really

Thank you, Coby and Clinton. I am so happy I was a part of your day.



Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Doria (who was one of my bride's last year)


Flowers: Sister-in-Law