West Village Engagement Session | NYC Photographer

We met up with Kacie + Josh in their old neighborhood in the West Village. They had a great walk planned for us and it was absolutely perfect out- 78 degrees and the best light.

There is a softness about these two that is hard to describe. They are passionate with each other, funny and kind, and it all has this softness, this ease. It's beautiful really.

There is something about Paris in the summer that beckons lovers and something about these numbered buildings that remind these two of their Paris adventure.

One of my favorite things about working together with Dave is that we both view the same moments in a totally different way. While one of us focuses on the big picture, the other swoops in and grabs the little moments. It's such a nice way to balance out our sessions.

Oh New York City... I'm such a sucker for your big walls and bright light.

We love it when everything lines up just perfectly for a creative shot. The light, the moment, the reflection of complete strangers, the opening... it's such a magnificent dance.

If you've eaten here before you probably recognize it right away, even with all the distractions. We made a point to come back around and finish up our city session with dinner and a beer. I wish we lived closer so we could indulge here more often.

We ended up at The Hudson River Park at just the right time. The sun was low, the skaters were out, the boats were sailing.. it was perfect.

We absolutely loved this park. We have been to the city many many times and usually spend a fair amount of time on the West Side Highway, but rarely do we get out and play in the park. This was such a nice treat.

It looks good from every direction!

We can't wait to see you both at your amazing wedding.. with a carousel, what?!?!!

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